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The stunning Buckingham Palace is the official residence of Her Majesty, The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II. Buckingham Palace is one of the very few palaces which are still in operation and serve as a royal residence. Buckingham Palace has become this majestic with time as it dates back to 1603 and the land was originally purchased for creating a mulberry garden to rear silkworms by King James I. But unfortunately, the king chose the wrong kind of mulberry, and after the failure of the project, he built the Buckingham House. King George III and his family in the year 1761 turned it into their royal residence but not a royal palace. After a number of renovations, in 1825 the Buckingham House was built into a grand palace by the orders of George IV, only to be given to the state to use as the Parliament. But in the year 1837, Queen Victoria decided to move to this palace and declared it her Official Royal Residence after massive renovations. A tour through the attraction in Buckingham palace will take you back 350 years of the history of the monarchy of England through its rooms, paintings, stories, the royal collection, enormous gardens, royal lineage, etc.

Why To Book Buckingham Palace Tickets?

Buckingham Palace has a lot to offer to the tourists and it is one of the most visited tourist places in London. So, the tickets are likely to be sold out or the lines around the ticket counters are always long. To avoid such scenarios, book your tickets online and also get your hands on exciting discounts.

  • Get a chance to witness the beauty of Buckingham Palace and know about the Royal family of England and fall in love with its grand architecture.
  • If you are a lover of art then the Queen’s gallery and her collection of art will make you appreciate every bit of it.
  • Step into the royal mews and get a chance to witness the ancient royal carriages.
  • Take in the beauty of the gardens of the Windsor Garden and have a great time.

What’s Inside Buckingham Palace?

The royal family of England's home is Buckingham Palace, where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II performs her official duties as monarch. You may learn more about the monarchy and the royal lifestyle when you take a tour of Buckingham Palace. A total of 775 rooms are present, including 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, 188 staff quarters, 52 royal and guest quarters, and 19 state quarters. The building is 108 metres across the front, 120 metres deep (including the central area), and 24 metres high.

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Visit The State Rooms

In the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace, members of the royal family including Her Majesty the Queen conduct official business. George IV transformed Buckingham House into a splendid palace in the year 1825, and he created the 19 state rooms that make up Buckingham Palace today. The finest French and English furniture, several works of art from the Royal Collection, and well-known works by artists like Van Dyck and Canaletto are used to decorate the state chambers. Many of the chambers, including the throne room and the White Drawing Room where the Queen entertains visitors, are still used for official events today.

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Explore Throne Room

The Throne Room is beautifully designed by John Nash, the architect George IV chose to transform the House into a Palace. You can clearly see the architect's theatrical training in the throne room, which is all red and has dramatic red velvet drapes. The Chairs of Estate, which were used when Her Majesty the Queen was crowned in this space in 1953, are housed in the Throne Room's centre. The solitary Queen Victoria Throne Chair, constructed in 1837, is also kept in the Throne Room.

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Pay A Visit The Ballroom

The Ballroom, which is 120 feet long, 59 feet wide, and 44 feet high, is the largest State Room at Buckingham Palace. The Ballroom was finished in 1855, during the reign of Queen Victoria. The Ballroom contains a musician's gallery with all the instruments because it used to be known as the Ball and Concert Room. The chairs made for them are displayed in the room in a very dramatic manner because that is where King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra were crowned in 1902. The big horse-shoe table with more was once used by Queen Victoria to hold balls, but today the royal family uses it to host state dinners.

music room.jpg
See The Music Room

Originally known as the Bow Drawing Room, this space was changed because Queen Victoria and King Albert enjoyed singing and playing the piano together. Since then, nothing has been changed in this space. Queen Elizabeth II, however, used the space for more than just music. In this room, she had all of her children and her first grandchild baptised using water that had been brought from the Jordan River. One of the finest examples of English craftsmanship, the floor in this room is built of a variety of woods including satinwood, rosewood, tulipwood, mahogany, and a number of other woods.

Explore Picture Gallery

One of the most significant spaces in Buckingham Palace for the Royal Family is the Picture Gallery. During the time of George IV, the architect John Nash constructed the 47-meter-long "Gallery." Beautiful works of art, paintings, and portraits from the Royal Collection are on show at the Picture Gallery. As Her Majesty the Queen lends artwork from the Royal Collection for display in exhibits in England and abroad, the pictures in the Picture Gallery are constantly changing. Today, events honouring a particular facet or sphere of life are held in the photo gallery by Her Majesty the Queen and the royal families.

See The Grand Staircase

When King George IV was turning Buckingham House into Buckingham Palace, he recruited architect John Nash, who created the Grand Staircase. This staircase was designed by the architect in a large and dramatic manner, and you can see how theatre has influenced this piece of architecture. Huge images of Queen Victoria's immediate family are displayed on the Grand Staircase. Her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, her uncle William IV, and her grandparents, King George III and Queen Charlotte, are all depicted in the pictures.

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Take a Stroll Around Palace Garden

The 16 hectare-long Palace Garden is a historic park and garden that is classified on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. A mulberry tree in the garden is supposed to have been there when King James I bought this area for mulberry farms in the late 1500s. A 150-meter herbaceous border, a summer house, a rose garden, the enormous Waterloo Vase, and the Palace tennis court—where King George IV and Fred Perry used to play in the 1930s—are all still present in the garden today. Her Majesty the Queen still hosts sizable garden parties in the garden nowadays.

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See The Changing The Guard

One of the most well-known traditions at Buckingham Palace is the Changing of the Guard, which is performed every day. Visitors travel from all over the world, not just England, to see one unit of guards take over another. Detachments from St. James' Palace and Buckingham Palace make up the Queen's guards. The New Guard, a group of guards who take over as the Queen's guards during the ceremony, march from Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace while being accompanied by music. In the summer, the ritual happens every day at 11 a.m.; in other seasons, it depends on the weather.

Explore Treasures of the Palace

Each item in the Royal Collection that is used to decorate a room in Buckingham Palace has a unique backstory. You will see these magnificent items when touring Buckingham Palace and learn a great deal about the royal family's past. However, if you have read about the items before visiting the palace, it will be easier for you to relate to them and the stories that surround them.

Know Before You Book Buckingham Palace Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach?
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Location: Buckingham Palace Road, London, England SW1A 1AA

Timings: Buckingham Palace is open from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Sunday, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays all through the year.

Best time to visit: If you wish to visit attraction in Buckingham palace, then try to visit it in the summer season. Although Buckingham Palace is open for some days in the monsoon and winter seasons, visiting the inside of the Palace and witnessing the change of guard show is best enjoyed in the summer season.

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Must Know Before You Go
  • On arrival, you and your belongings will be subject to airport-style security checks. Some items, such as large bags or backpacks, will have to be checked in and reclaimed at the end of the visit.
  • Photography and filming for non-commercial purposes are welcomed in The Queen's Gallery.
  • In consideration of other visitors, mobile phones must be switched off inside the Gallery.
  • Admission is scheduled for the time above and latecomers cannot be admitted, so please ensure that you exchange your voucher before your selected time.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival and entry.
  • No eating, drinking, or smoking inside the museum.
  • Last admission is 1 hour and 45 minutes before closing.
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Do we need to book in advance for Buckingham Palace Tickets?

    Buckingham Palace remains open all the time and thus the ticket counters are long and you might have to wait for hours, only to know that all the tickets are sold out. To avoid such a situation, it is advised to book your tickets online.

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